Korean Drama Review: Class of Lies/Mr Temporary – An Addictive Thrilling Watch

Class of Lies may not be that sexy in terms of its casting, but it is a provocative, thrilling, fast-paced drama that literally had me stop breathing at some moments – that’s just how exciting it is!

The story starts with the death of 1 student and we see our star lawyer protaganist Ki Moo Hyeok (acted by Yoon Gyun Sang) try to prove the innocence of the suspect Ha Soo who is a fellow student in an elite school.

In spite of being told to close the case as soon as possible by asking Ha Soo to plead guilty, our protagonist tried to dig further and in the end caused his client to go berserk and jump off a building.

He himself had his lawyer licence revoked too as he was unwittingly just a pawn in the grander scheme of things.

class of lies poster

Our protaganist Ki Moo Hyeok then pretended to be a teacher to enter Cheong Myung High School to dig out the real truth -who exactly killed the student and what dirty secrets lie there?

*Spoilers ahead

Privileged evil kids who would stop at nothing just to get what they want

I relish the fact that almost all the students in the school have a nasty side.

They tell lies, they bully others, they backstab one another and the students wielding the power in school all have their own secret to hide.

That few most powerful students in Cheong Myung High School all played a part in bullying the victim before, and each stands to gain if she died.

Class of lies poster 2

In this case, who killed her? We see Ki Moo Hyeok try all means and ways to coax the truth out of these students even if it means trying out unorthodox or illegal ways until bit by bit the tangled web of lies start unravelling.

This drama really displays the ugly side of human nature, school bullying, corruption etc, some scenes are so cruel that i can’t quite bear to watch – like when everyone gangs up to beat up a loner classmate – but it is precisely this ugliness that reels you in and make you unable to stop watching.

Entangled web of deceit – A strong nemesis for the battle of wits

It is interesting to see our protagonist piece all the students’ accounts to get the full picture of what exactly happened.

Who you think is guilty may not be the most guilty in the end.

The numerous plot twists keep the viewers guessing the murderer’s identity till the very end and is what that glues us to the screen.

Kudos need to be given to UKiss’ Jun who was quite eye catching in his portrayal of the seemingly good and popular Beom Jin but who is in actual fact manipulating all the students to stop our protagonist from establishing the truth.

Beom Jin UKiss

With such a strong nemesis, the pitting of wits between such a strong nemesis and Ki Moo Hyeok makes for an exciting watch.

Open-ended ending: Who do you think killed Beom Jin

The fact that Beom Jin got to get away scot free in the end in spite of being interrogated in court showed just how intelligent and meticulous he was in the murder such that there was nothing to conclude that he killed the victim.

Yet this murderer was blatantly killed out in the open by an assassin.

Who do you think killed him? My guess is on Taera’s mum. How about you?

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