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Scarlet Heart Ryeo vs Scarlet Heart Chinese Version (步步惊心)

Recently I started watching Scarlet Heart Ryeo, the Korean remake of the 2011 chinese hit drama. I think anyone who has watched the Chinese version before would agree that the Chinese version is better in terms of the intricacy of … Continue reading

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Ernest Hemingway’s Birth Home in Oak Park, IL

Recently, thanks to the Open House weekend in Chicago, I got a chance to step into Ernest Hemingway’s birth home without paying a single cent of admission fee. Yay! Out of the 200 plus free architecture sites that offered free … Continue reading

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A Romantic Night In Seaport Village, San Diego, CA

Recently I have been researching on my next travel destination, which is San Francisco, and seeing all the pictures in San Fran reminded me of my time in San Diego several months ago. Even though Seaport Village has been described … Continue reading

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Cocoro Sushi: Yummy Comfort Jap Food in Chicago

I love Jap food. And I love affordably-priced food. Therefore after researching a bit on authentic Jap food worth trying out in Chicago, I decided to try out Cocoro in River North area. It seems that many Yelpers highly recommend … Continue reading

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Exploring Jiufen, Taiwan

For anyone sick of shopping non-stop in Taipei, Jiufen is an ideal day trip as it is reasonably near Taipei city, yet offers a refreshing change in scenery with mountain views, old-fashioned walkways and cool teahouses. I’ve visited Jiufen long … Continue reading

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A Freezing Dip in Su Ao Cold Spring, Yilan, Taiwan

I’ve visited Taiwan many times, but I have only visited Yilan once, therefore when I made a holiday trip to Taiwan again this summer, I decided to place more emphasis on Yilan as opposed to Taipei. As anyone knows, Yilan is … Continue reading

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Good Food And Cheap Buys In Maxwell Street Market, Chicago

Recently, I have taken to going to Maxwell Street Market on Sundays, not because the items sold are really that fantastic, but simply cos it appeals to my bargain-hunting auntie nature. The items I see sold in most fairs and … Continue reading

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