A Romantic Night In Seaport Village, San Diego, CA

Recently I have been researching on my next travel destination, which is San Francisco, and seeing all the pictures in San Fran reminded me of my time in San Diego several months ago.

Even though Seaport Village has been described as a rather touristy place, I really liked it when I was there. It might be the balmy weather (which I have a special liking for), or the waterfront views, but somehow Seaport Village really left an impression on me, and surprisingly on my husband too.

Beautiful Seaport Village.

I first headed to The Headquarters at Seaport, and the very minute I reached, I heard live Spanish music being played and saw people dancing energetically to the music. That was completely spontaneous and such a romantic concept. Spontaneous dancing just cos you heard music? Definitely won’t happen in Singapore.

Dancing on a cool evening.

And amazingly everyone could dance very well. In fact I was wondering if it was an outdoor dance class? Because that’s really some sleek moves. My husband and I were really amazed. That scene of people just enjoying the music and letting their bodies sway to the music really left a great impression on me. I still think of that scene fondly till this day.

After that I walked on to Seaport Village and the first thing I saw was the vintage hand-carved carousel. At about 3 USD per ride, I felt that it was a must-do, however touristy it might be. And I was glad I took the ride because it was the most exciting carousel ride I’ve ever taken! It was surprisingly fast, totally unlike the kiddy slow carousel rides usually in theme parks or amusement parks.

The pretty hand-carved horses.

Actually the appeal of Seaport Village is in strolling down the waterfront, taking in the views, and browsing through the quirky items in the shops. As someone who really enjoys shopping, Seaport Village is really suitable for me as there are many interesting shops, some of which sell touristy souvenirs, some of which sell really cool items like wooden toys, super spicy chilli, intricate paper weights etc.

Apple Box Wooden Toys which sells wooden toys, naturally.

Maybe because I went in the evening, there wasn’t really a lot of people and the whole place was quite serene. All these aspects added to the romantic charm to the place, especially since I was there with my husband.

Definitely worth a visit if it is your first time to San Diego. Easy to go too, I went via the trolley which stops near the Seaport Village.