Korean Drama Review: Itaewon Class Ending

After chasing Itaewon Class for 14 episodes, the final 2 episodes had me eagerly anticipating how the writers would wrap it up, but it unfortunately falls flat and I actually spaced out while watching the last 2 episodes.

Adapted from a webtoon, Itaewon Class is slightly different from the usual Korean dramas in the sense that it is not romance or crime-driven but is more of a coming-of-age story about a guy who pursued his dreams and stands tall in spite of all odds against him.

The drama hit a peak in episode 14 where there were many things going on: Park Saeroyi’s biggest enemy President Jang is dying and Park Saeroyi finally discovers his love for Yi Seo only to fall prey to thugs who hit him with a car.

Episode 14 ended on a climatic note, and I expected the story to continue moving in a fast-paced and dramatic fashion, however Ep 15 and 16 contains many filler content that unfortunately did not serve to bring the story to the next peak.

*spoilers ahead*

Jang Geun won is disappointingly beyond redemption

In a bid to get revenge on Park Saeroyi, Jang Geun Won kidnapped Yi Seo, wanting to kill her to hurt Park Saeroyi, and also intended to kill him when he appeared to save her.

To me there were a bit too many scenes of both of them throwing punches at each other which got boring after a while. It was also a tad unbelievable, how Park Saeroyi and Jang Geun Won engaged in a “life-or-death” battle, because to me their history does not warrant such a strong hatred for each other.

I find it unnecessary for Jang Geun Won to go to the extent of wanting to kill Park Saeroyi. It made Jang Geun Won appear like a very brainless character, and wasted the whole character arc for him as it previously appeared like he does have some hope for redemption.

Also, in the midst of escaping, Park Saeroyi and Yi Seo stood in the road declaring their love for each other, when Jang Geun Won was just behind them trying to hunt them. That was quite illogical.

Bad characterisation for the thug leader whom Park Saeroyi met in jail

Also, I initially thought that the thug leader that Park Saeroyi met and knew during his jail term would end up appearing in the story as a character to help Park Saeroyi, not to kill him.

To me I feel that there was no need to introduce the thug during Park Saeroyi’s jailterm, if in the end he is just going to behave like a typical criminal who kills people for money when they eventually meet again.

President Jang got his comeuppance

For a guy who seemed so powerful throughout the entire series, I guess it was satisfying to see him get his comeuppance. His shareholders dropped him, and his company was on the road to bankruptcy and being sold. He called people to influence them to help him, but unfortunately discovered that he no longer wielded the power he once had.

In an ironic twist of events, President Jang ended up kneeling down to Park Saeroyi to beg him not to acquire his company.

Meanwhile, Park Saeroyi calmly declined his request and told him that he would continue acquiring his company as it is just business as usual for him.

I don’t know why, but I don’t really like how Park Saeroyi responded to President Jang as I thought that his behaviour in that important scene kind of runs contrary to how honourable he was portrayed so far.

Given that Park Saeroyi has obviously won the battle and President Jang looked so pathetic and already going to die soon, I just feel that there is no need to give President Jang a final kick or at least he could have said that he was going to still acquire his company in a nicer tone.

Or perhaps I was expecting some sort of heart-to-heart chat where both of them laid their differences to rest in light of President Jang losing everything he had.

Touching scene between Geun Soo and Yi Seo

To me, the best scene in the finale was the hug between Geun Soo and Yi Seo. It was the only scene that truly touched me.

When Yi Seo said to Geun Soo that she was aware of his love for her, it was just quite bittersweet and touching. To someone who is always secretly loving another party, while gaining the love in return is too much to ask, but I think knowing that the loved party is aware of how much the loving party has given and sacrificed is still a small consolation.

I think it was a nice closure for Geun Soo and a nice parting from Yi Seo where he can then finally lead his own life from then on.

Happy Endings for everyone

In short everyone received their happy endings in the finale.

Yi Seo and Park Saeroyi ended up happily together.

President Jang lost everything.

Park Saeroyi took over Jang Ga company.

Seung Kwon and Hyun Yi are hinted to get together.

Even Soo Ah had her own happy ending in the form of her own successful cafe, and is it hinted that she would get together with the handsome chef acted none other than Park Bo Gum?

I guess it is considered a good albeit slightly boring ending. May have been better if the series was compressed into 15 episodes instead of 16 episodes so that there is less filler content and could maintain steam.

Even so, Itaewon Class is still a pretty good watch. How do you like the ending?