Cocoro Sushi: Yummy Comfort Jap Food in Chicago

I love Jap food. And I love affordably-priced food. Therefore after researching a bit on authentic Jap food worth trying out in Chicago, I decided to try out Cocoro in River North area.

It seems that many Yelpers highly recommend the eel seiro, so that was what I chose for dinner even though I’m not a mega-fan of eel.


It is quite affordably priced at 16 dollars, with a reasonably sized portion. I am not sure how eel is actually supposed to taste because all the ones I had in Singapore always had this smooth, slimy texture, but the one in Cocoro was quite dry.

However I was really satisfied with the takoyaki appetizer  which is quite cheap at $6 for 6. The ones I had in Singapore sold in random stalls (not even restaurants) are already priced at about 3 USD for 3, so I think it is really quite a good deal.


Also ordered the scallops which tasted pretty sweet and fresh!


All in all, we had 2 main entrees and 2 appetizers, all for about $56 before tax and tip. Not bad. Originally I wanted to order the shabu shabu for 2 which cost $56. But then I decided to opt for 2 mains and 2 appetizers for the same price. If I want to get hotpot, I might as well just get them in Chinatown for half the price haha.