Good Food And Cheap Buys In Maxwell Street Market, Chicago

Recently, I have taken to going to Maxwell Street Market on Sundays, not because the items sold are really that fantastic, but simply cos it appeals to my bargain-hunting auntie nature. The items I see sold in most fairs and street markets I’ve been to in Chicago are usually not that cheap, especially after converting them back to SGD currency.

Maxwell is the only one which offers cheap choices as it is essentially a flea market selling both second-hand goods and new items.

Bags bags and more bags! All at cheap prices!

I’ve hunted for a huge bag with many compartments for a long time, and I finally found it in the flea market! It is a brand new “High Sierra” bag at only 20 USD, which I believe is one-third of its original retail price.

Actually I always wonder how and where the vendors get their goods. In fact I have a feeling that the process in which the vendors get their products are not that legitimate, because the prices for new items are just way too low. There are even Maybelline foundations at only $1! But then again, I don’t care where the product comes from. I just want cheap and value-for-money items, and it is possible to find such items if you dig hard enough here.

Military equipment.

The items sold here are really interesting. There is even a stall with all the military equipments. I truly wonder where the vendors get all these?!

I even see a stall selling all sunglasses for 10 USD, many from brands like Louis Vuitton and Gucci. And the thing is, they look pretty genuine. I was too shy to ask if they were genuine or not, and even if the vendor says they are genuine, I’m not sure if I should believe them. But this will be a good option for souvenirs to bring back to Singapore (if my friends don’t mind not-sure-if-it-is-really-branded-or-not items).

One reason why I like frequenting Maxwell is because my husband likes the tacos here. And they are indeed pretty good! I don’t even eat Mexican food in Singapore, I mean I don’t know which place sells Mexican food. But I’ve been having quite a bit of Mexican food in Chicago and grown to appreciate it a bit.

Yummy and cheap! About $2-$3 for one.

I also ordered a pina colada. Unfortunately I didn’t hear properly and ordered the one that comes in a pineapple and hence it is very expensive! It is over 6 USD, which means it is about 8 to 9 SGD?! OMG, can’t believe I am having such an expensive drink in a flea market. On a positive side, at least it looks pretty in photos.

My pretty but expensive pina colada.