Review of Korean Drama “Defendant”

Just finished watching hit Korean drama “Defendant” and I am truly blown away by this gripping and intense thriller which made me suffer from anxiety attacks at times cos it was just so exciting!


The concept of this drama is quite interesting, basically it is about a prosecutor who wakes up one day and discovers that he is suddenly in jail with a death sentence for murdering his wife and child. Unfortunately he has no memory of it as he suffered from amnesia, and it is a drama of him trying to make sense of his situation and escaping from this nightmare bit by bit.

I thought the first 20 minutes was quite blah, as it just featured the main lead being a prosecutor catching criminals, but thankfully I persevered on because after that it was a total rollercoaster ride.


The show showed things from the defendant’s point of view so viewers were kept in the dark together with him when he was suffering from memory loss, and as a result it makes things very interesting for viewers, piquing our curiosity as to what exactly happened. Did the defendant really murder his wife and child even though he loves them so much? But all evidence points towards him, and he even admitted to the murder before he got his amnesia. So what truly happened? Can the defendant really be trusted? And how is he going to get out of this situation? All these questions were answered bit by bit throughout the episodes and all episodes were fast-paced and action-packed.

It helped that there was a formidable opponent/antagonist in the drama who happened to be a total pyscho, but a rich and powerful one, which means he can get away with anything, thereby always preventing the protagonist from truly escaping from the nightmarish reality.

Focused Plotline

This is a drama with zero romance, and is very much focused on the defendant trying to prove his innocence, and the antagonist trying his best to prevent him from proving his innocence. I like that the storyline is very focused, and every single one in the show acted quite well. I also like the moments of camaraderie among the prisoners, and the occasional comic relief they provided which alleviated the very intense mood of the whole drama.

10/10 drama

I watched “Defendant” after watching “Voice”. I thought “Voice” was good enough, but “Defendant” blew me away. I feel that “Defendant” is still a tad more intense and gripping. And I think it is a drama worthy of getting 10/10. It is just how good it is.