Korean Drama VIP Episode 20 Review

VIP is really going full steam ahead and i am watching with abated breath as to how exactly our dear Jung Sun(acted by Jang Nara) will destroy her cheating husband Sung Joon( acted by Lee Sang Yoon) and shameless mistress!


VIP really caught everyone by surprise with the big reveal of the mistress, who is none other than the ‘poor’ sweet Yuri(acted by Pyo Ye Jin) who always seems out of place and ready to start tearing at any moment.

And guess what? Now that she is revealed to be the illegitimate daughter of the vice president, she automatically got a status overhaul,and what i’m afraid of is that it will make her immoral seducing-others- husband’s way acceptable or swept under the rug.

I hate that the husband and Yuri appeared to have “fallen in love” due to some connection and common sad past of being born from a mistress/out of wedlock.

This does not make their affair any more correct and acceptable. It is very unfair that Yuri got a chance to know his past and comfort him,thereby appearing to understand him when his wife Jung Sun was never given the chance to know as he never shared his secret with her.

What makes him think that his legal wife wouldn’t have been able to display the same comfort and understanding??!

But what is most unacceptable to me is how the husband kept the identity of his mistress a secret from his wife when they were in the same team.

He is truly making a fool out of his wife. Imagine the wife Jung Sun being nice amd helpful to the shameless woman who has in actual fact been trying to seduce her husband while saying pitifully that it wasn’t intentional..it was just that she fell in love with him.

The most infuriating part was how Yuri made herself out to be so pitiful when she was the one who kept inching closer to him and initiating such closeless.

I still couldn’t quite tell if Yuri is as simple minded and innocent as she made herself out to be. Or she was simply pretending to look innocent.

I really cant wait to see how Jang Nara will take both of then down with her.

I would love to see the husband and the mistress crumble to pieces!!!haha

However i really like the treatment of this adultery in VIP as it is quite realistic. I believe in real life adultery cases, people also like to lie to themselves that they are simply way too in love to justify their immoral behaviour isnt it?