K-Drama Review: Is What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim Worth Watching?

Well, it is a definite yes!

Jumped on the bandwagon of watching What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim recently and it was indeed a breezy light watch, bearing testament to its strong ratings which has exceeded 10%, a remarkable feat for a cable drama!


Whats-Wrong-with-Secretary-Kim poster

The premise of What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim is actually rather simple.

A narcissistic overbearing Vice President Lee Young Joon (Park Seo Joon) is used to having his capable Secretary Kim always by his side, keeping up with his demands and serving him efficiently. He had taken her for granted and gotten used to her presence after 9 years by his side.

One day Secretary Kim (Park Min Young) announces that she wants to quit as she wants to start living her own life in her own identity as Kim Mi-So instead of living in the identity of Secretary Kim with no personal life of her own. Hilarity ensues then as VP Lee Young Joon tries all means to tie her down and stop her from quitting with romantic gestures a guy does when courting a lady. During the process, both discover their feelings for each other.

Swoon-worthy Male Lead who is  Handsome, Rich, Intelligent, Devoted and Prone to Grand Gestures of Love

I gotta say that Park Seo Joon landed himself in a really good role. This is the type of male lead that have the female viewers swooning.

What's wrong with secretary kim 2

Handsome check. (Ok, actually I don’t really find Park Seo Joon good looking, but I know people do, and his role is supposed to be ridiculously handsome)

Rich check.

Intelligent check.

Clueless about love. Well, in the real world, don’t think an otaku being clueless about love is that cute. LOL. But in an idol drama or a webtoon, when the lead is attractive but clueless about love, it makes him cute to female viewers, especially when we see this male lead bumbling about trying to express his love.

Being rich, we definitely can expect grand gestures to express love like creating fireworks display, closing down an amusement park for a date with the female lead etc.

Whats wrong with secretary kim

Falling in love with him already?

Narcissistic Egoistic and Inconsiderate Male Lead who slowly changes for the Female Lead

In spite of all the positive traits listed above, our male lead VP Lee Young Joon definitely has his fair traits of negative traits.


He is egoistic and narcissistic, believing himself to be a supreme individual with looks and intelligence. He knows nothing about the intricacies of human relationships and has never paused to consider about other peoples’ feelings, as such can sound really harsh at times.

Yet, after falling in love with Secretary Kim, he starts considering her feelings, even slowing down his stride such that Secretary Kim does not have to walk so fast each time to keep up with his pace.

It is all the small actions that count and there is nothing a girl likes more than seeing a guy slowly changing for the better due to love!

A Female Lead who is a Capable Career Woman Longing For Love Can Resonate With Viewers

To say the truth, there were many times when female leads end up being run-of-the-mill cliches, usually portrayed as feisty and strong-willed, but often coming across as being plain irritating.

Secretary Kim

Thankfully this time round, Secretary Kim is a strong and intelligent character who often carries herself with class. She doesn’t accept being treated badly and has no qualms with rejecting the male lead even though he is her boss.

Secretary Kim 3

Acting as a secretary who serves her boss wholeheartedly, but longing for more personal time to do her own stuff like seeking a boyfriend and having a guy to settle down with. I believe this will resonate with many female viewers in the workforce with no time for romance due to work.

Quirky Side Characters Who Livens Up The Atmosphere

As this is an adaptation from a webtoon, there is quite a over-the-top and quirky elements to the drama.


Some of the plotlines are quite nonsensical but surprisingly funny. Like for example there is a staff that always wear the same blazer but tries his best to hide the truth that he only owns one blazer. In a usual drama, it is quite weird and unnecessary to have such side plots, but in What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, it actually works and the end result is quite funny.

Conclusion: Light-hearted Fun Watch about Love and Friendship With Laughs and Occasional Poignancy

In short, What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim is a must-watch if you are into light rom-coms!