A Wishlist of Dream Cast for Korean Webtoon True Beauty

To all avid Korean drama fans out there, you probably would have seen numerous reports of the popular webtoon True Beauty that is set for a drama adaptation.

And I can totally understand why it is slated for a drama production, because this webtoon contains all elements that will make for a popular idol K-drama watch. Before the drama is even out, I could already tell that it is going to be a hit! And bound to propel the 2 male leads into stardom! I feel excited already!

Ugly Duckling meets Prince Charming storyline that is bound to have females swooning

True Beauty is essentially about loving someone for their inner beauty, the core of who they are, and not the outer appearance.

Our female lead was an ugly duckling with frizzy hair, bushy eyebrows, small eyes and acne riddled skin. Definitely not the definition of a beauty by any Asian standards.

Motivated to change her life, she discovered the power of makeup and the rest is history. Apparently, she became so gorgeous after makeup that no one could even recognise her and thus she got to adopt a different persona and identity in high school.

No one could link the beautiful Jugyeong with that manga reading pimply girl in middle school. So in short, Jugyeong has 2 identities – a beautiful lady when made up in school , and back to the pimply nerdy girl after school when she is not wearing makeup. (think of it like spiderman with 2 identities)

True Beauty before and after

In spite of her new beautiful exterior, Jugyeong is still essentially the same nice, not-so-confident comic-loving girl who enjoys spending her free time in the comic shop. And that was where she met Suho, the gorgeous new boy in school who likes her for who she is, and who later drew the link that the beautiful girl he met in school is actually the same geeky girl he met in the comic store.

Suho true beauty

I really love the scenes of Jugyeong and Suho together. It is just so incredibly sweet. and just so youthful and high-school. With all the does-he-like-me or does-he-not moments, the coyness of first love, Jugyeong’s hesitancy of not being pretty enough for the handsome Suho (after all she still identifies herself as an ugly ducking) , and Suho’s obvious liking for who she really is…it just makes all womens’ heart flutter.

Seo Joon

And then we have the second male lead, Seo Joon who happens to be Suho’s best friend. He is naturally also incredibly handsome, and his relationship with Jugyeong is more like a BFF with lots of banter in between.

Seo Joon is aware that Jugyeong and Suho likes each other, however with Suho moving away to another country, will he make his move on Jugyeong, and will they transcend from best friends to something more?

Who to act as Suho?

Suho is truly my idea of a perfect specimen of a guy, so I definitely have high standards as to who should act his role.

Many netizens have been asking for Cha Eun Woo which I think makes sense as Cha Eun Woo is widely acknowledged to be very good looking. However I feel that Cha Eun Woo has a very young and boyish face which does not seem to match with the air of Suho, who feels a lot more cool and sombre. Suho doesnt look young although I know that Suho is still supposed to be just a high schooler.

Interestingly, when I first looked at Suho, I feel that I see Wu Chun, who used to act in Taiwanese idol dramas. They actually look really similar!

Wu Chun as Suho
Do you see the similarity in looks between Suho and Wu Chun?

Of course, I am aware that Wu Chun is now a father and way too old for this character, but still..i wanna give mention to Wu Chun for his uncanny resemblance to Suho.

Who else then? BTS’ Jin has also been widely touted as a suitable candidate for Suho. Well, I am not a BTS fan, so frankly I couldn’t quite see where the similarity is….. I thought Jin looks more cute, and not as cool and stoic as Suho.

To me, Suho has a really manly vibe, so definitely someone who does not look cute.

Jang Ki Yong as Suho

I’m thinking how about Jang Ki Yong? His looks does not really resemble Suho that much, but I can imagine him portraying the cool and aloof Suho who only shows off his tender side to the woman he likes, which would actually be kind of similar to his role in Go Back Couple.

Jang Ki Yong

As for Seo Joon, he has more of a beautiful and effeminate way of dressing, so I am thinking more of someone who can pull off mascara and lipstick etc.

If not for Lee Joon Ji’s age, he would be someone that would come to my mind.

Lee Jong Suk as Seo Joon

Hmm..if not for him..who else then…I think Lee Jong Suk has a bit of a feminine charm that I can imagine him in the role that puts on lipstick and light makeup like Seo Joon.

Lee Jong suk

I can also imagine Lee Jong Suk to be in a seemingly cool role where he banters with the female lead but actually has feelings for her.

Park Min Young as Jugyeong

I think it is kinda unfair that I immediately think of Park Min Young when it comes to casting for Jugyeong based on such a superficial reason that her long flowy hair in What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim is pretty much the same as Jugyeong’s.

Based on Park Min Young’s portrayal of other roles in that past, I can see her acting in this role.

Park Min Young

Based on how “beautiful” Jugyeong is supposed to be, I think the actress in her role really needs to have the wow factor after being all glammed up. Just sweet looking does not cut it for me. Which was why I don’t feel anything about Chae Soo Bin being another name thrown up for this role. Cos she is just now beautiful enough for this role, in my opinion.

Ji Soo from Blackpink is also another contender and while I am not her fan, I guess I can see her appeal and why she appears to be quite suitable. Jugyeong actually has this shy side and I thought Ji Soo has that too.

Ji Soo

Are you a fan of True Beauty?

Who is your idea of a dream cast?