Korean Drama Premiere Review: Come and Hug Me

Somehow in spite of the not-A-list cast, I was interested in catching ‘Come and Hug Me’ just after seeing the poster. After all, it stars Jang Ki Yong, who totally stole my heart in Confession Couple/ Go Back Couple  and Jin Ki-Joo whom I’m already kind of familiar with in Misty, therefore it is a drama that was enough to make me want to give it a try without even reading up on its synopsis.

Jang Ki Yong and Jin Ki Joo in Come and Hug Me.

I gave it a shot and within a short while, I devoured the first episode, and was eager for more.

So basically this drama is about Chae Do Jin (acted by Jang Ki Yong) who has a psychopath for a father Yoon Hee Jae (acted by Heo Jun Ho) and unfortunately this father killed his first love’s Han Jae Yi ( acted by JIn Ki Joo) parents. One day these two people meet again in their adulthood and I guess probably fell in love in spite of this traumatic past.

Intense and gripping, reels you in from the start

Because I didn’t read the synopsis before watching the drama, I wasn’t completely sure what I was getting myself into when I started watching it. Initially, when I first watched scenes of the father appearing with a hammer and behaving sinisterly towards an old lady whom he was supposed to help repair the water pipe for, I still thought it was the writer’s way of throwing us a red herring before realising soon after that hey, his father is indeed a serial killer who has been killing people for no apparent reason and not getting caught.

Ain’t Heo Jun Ho scary?

Whenever the psychopath appears, you can’t help but tense up as well cos he seems so unpredictable, appearing to be normal, yet lashing and killing people for no apparent reason. As such, there was always this heavy and anxiety-laden mood in his house whenever the kids see their father come home. His kids, including our male lead Chae Do Jin, does suspect that their father is dangerous, but keep their mouths shut.

Great Acting as of now

Kudos to actor Heo Jun Ho who really portrayed the pyschopath role well. The last time I saw him in Ruler of The Mask, he was also acting as the villain. Seems like he really mastered the art of portraying a formidable villain very well!

Come and hug me younger selves
Nam Da-Reum as the younger Chae Do Jin. The girl is really pretty and cute too!

Actually the first few eps were of the flashback with the younger selves of the two main leads driving the show. Chae Do Jin was acted by the handsome teen Nam Da-Reum who will obviously grow up to be a leading actor material with many fangirls swooning after him. In fact I think he already has quite a bit of a fan base with his numerous works and good looks!

Quiet, subdued and suppressed, Chae Do Jin, a ace student in school often keeps to himself until the pretty new girl Han Jae Yi in school arrives in his life. Bubbly and headstrong, Han Jae Yi  is eager to be Chae Do Jin’s friend even though Chae Do Jin has his reservations about warming up to her as he feels that his dad could pose a danger to her. Indeed, it ended up in a tragedy when his dad killed her parents.

Full of anticipation about how the drama will end up

As the drama keep teasing viewers with flashbacks interspersed with current time, I have yet to get a full picture of what exactly took place to result in the murder of Han Jae Yi’s parents. Why must the psychopath kill them both? I love a bit of mystery and suspense.

Will the psychopath get released from jail and pose any more danger to our leads and the society?

How will our leads end up? Will they be able to get past their traumatic past together and end up happily ever after? Or will there be more tragedy in store for them?

I’m 6 eps in for now and I’m still happily hooked to it. Let’s just hope that the drama continues its current momentum and doesn’t disappoint in the episodes to come.