Review of Snail Essence: Benton Snail Bee high Content Essence VS COSRX Snail MuCin

Benton’s Snail Bee High Content Essence and Cosrx’s Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence have long been hailed holy grail products raved by beauty junkies.

I have been using Cosrx’s Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence for over a year, and recently started trying out Benton’s Snail Bee High Content Essence, and definitely prefer the latter. Let’s share why.

TeXture of COSRX VS Benton: COSRX’s Is More Slimy

Cosrx’s Snail Essence is quite thick and slimy and gives me the feeling that I’m really getting the pure slimy goodness from the snail mucin.

Comparitively, Benton’s essence is a lot lighter and feels somewhat like a light water gel texture.

I definitely prefer Benton’s texture. Reason being, I feel that Benton’s essence absorbs a lot more easily into my skin. For Cosrx’s, for some reason, it doesn’t quite absorb very well into my skin, and I often feel a film of something somewhat oily sitting on my skin.

As a result of this, I am not sure if I am getting the full strength of its healing and moisturising properties. And true enough, I always feel that my moisturiser that I apply on top of my essence doesnt fully absorb either. (I have read many comments about Corsx’s Snail Essence, and it seems to be just me who is experiencing this)

Which is More Moisturising?

As I have shared previously, because I feel that Corsx’s essence sits on my skin instead of being fully absorbed, I dont find it particularly moisturising as I believe I am not getting the full strength of its properties.

Even though I have used Cosrx for over a year, I’ve never felt my skin feeling completely moisturised. I just continued using because I don’t know what other alternatives I could get for my really sensitive and dry skin.

However upon switching to Benton’s Snail Bee High Content Essence, I could feel a difference in my skin. My skin finally feels a bit more normal, where I won’t “feel” the dryness, as such I believe it to be more moisturising even though it is of a lighter texture.

After using Benton for about 1 month, I feel that my skin looks more radiant and fair. I don’t think it is because there are any whitening properties, but rather my skin has a tendency to look duller and tanner when it is dry and inflamed.

Both Benton and Cosrx are Mild and Do Not Cause Breakouts for me

However, I still need to give credit to Cosrx for being a mild and gentle essence which did not cause any stinging or result in breakouts on my sensitive skin.

There was once when my skin was inflamed and many products sting my face, but Cosrx’s essence works fine for me and seems to be the only product I am able to apply.

In this sense, I think both Benton and Cosrx are good in the sense that they are both mild and I have not experienced any discomfort or stinging or breakouts when using, especially since I have sensitive skin.

Benton wIns for Me!

In terms of comfort and effectiveness, Benton wins for me!