Korean Drama Flower of Evil Review: Absolute Must-Watch!

A cop whose husband is a serial killer? This sums up the storyline of Flower of Evil which is really intriguing. So far the 8 episodes that I’ve watched did not fail me but only kept me eager for the next week to arrive for more new episodes.

Boasting a stellar cast of Lee Joon Gi and Moon Chae Won, Flower of Evil is about a “serial killer” Do Hyun Su on the run who adopted a new identity Baek Hee Sung and later married cop Cha Ji Won. The 2 have a seemingly perfect family life with an adorable daughter.

*Spoilers ahead.

Stakes Are High As Lee Joon Ji prevents Moon Chae Won from discovering his real identity

However cracks and suspicion start to surface when Ji Won investigates a case related to a past serial killer Do Hyun Su and evidence seems to suggests that her perfect husband may be this Do Hyun Su, much to her disbelief and denial.

I really love the suspense and nail-biting atmosphere created in the drama as we see Baek Hee Sung nearly blowing off his cover repeatedly and Cha Ji Won on the verge of discovering the truth.

We are also given the backstory of Do Hyun Su’s past where he was jeered at for being a murderer’s son and even “exorcised” by his neighbours, and later wanted for a murder which we are not sure if he did or did not commit.

So I get it why Do Hyun Su is adamant about keeping his past hidden as he has been sidelined for way too long in his past identity. And in his new identity, he has a perfect family and a job. He can hold his head high without worry of being bullied by others. We can thus understand his motivation for continuing with his pretence even if it means lying to his wife, for the stakes are high for him.

Crime Mystery Element: Who is the real serial killer?

A murderer is on the loose, so who exactly can it be? The story shows different people being killed and there are red herrings to suggest that maybe Do Hyun Su, or rather Baek Hee Sung really killed these people.

However we later discover that Baek Hee Sung did not do it. If so, then who is the real killer?

Was his father also really a serial killer like what everyone claimed?

Who was the person who abducted the ex-victim but was never found?

Strange Parents who adopted Do Hyun Su and gave him a new identity of Baek Hee Sung

Well, Baek Hee Sung’s new “parents’ are incredibly dubious too.

We are left puzzled as to why exactly would a pair of normal parents want to “adopt” Do Hyun Su, a “murderer” on the run, and let him take on the identity of their son?

After that we also realised that actually their real son is still alive, but in a coma, hidden in a room in their house.

At the end of Ep 8, this real Hee Sung suddenly open his eyes!? What does this imply for Do Hyun Su? Would his “parents” drop him and not let him take on his new identity anymore?

phenomenal Acting by Lee Joon Gi and Moon Chae Won

Due to the complex characters in the drama, this really tests the acting of the actors and only seasoned actors would be able to portray such complicated emotions with depth. Lee Joon Gi and Moon Chae Won totally nailed their roles.

Lee Joon Gi acts as the stoic and cold Do Hyun Su who has been introduced to have an antisocial personality disorder who cannot emphathise with others or feel for others. Currently he appears normal only because he had put up a good act, and learnt how to smile normally and react to different situations after watching practice videos.

Yet in spite of his current perfect exterior, we get glimpses of this wounded soul who has been bullied and unloved in the past, and who most definitely experienced some trauma before too.

Lee Joon Gi really handles the nuances of his character really well. I noticed that he has a special knack of nailing complex wounded roles that really tugs at viewers’ heartstrings, similar to his role in Scarlet Heart.

I confess that this is my first time watching a drama by Moon Chae Won and I am really pleasantly surprised.

Originally her role just seems like that of a typical cop who has great observation and analytical skills but who is unaware of her own husband keeping up a pretence beside her.

Later on, when she discovers that her husband is really Do Hyun Su, and totally lying through his teeth to her all these time. Her suppressed anger and hurt was really well-done.

Please go and watch Flower of Evil if you haven’t already done so. It is really good!