Korean Drama Review: The World of The Married Ep 13

What a terrible mess.

I was especially annoyed with Ji Sun Woo with regard to how she dealt with her son’s fight with his classmate.

Sometimes I think Ji Sun Woo is a really inconsistent character. There were times when she appears shrewd and calm, I mean that’s how she first managed to exact revenge on Tae Oh right? But sometimes she just behaves in a really stupid and unnecessary way, like how she resorted to kneeling to beg for forgiveness on her son’s behalf.

Ji Sun Woo Kneeling For Joon Young’s Sake

I thought she was someone dignified and proud (that explains the lengths she went to take revenge on everyone who betrayed her) so I don’t understand why she needs to do something as embarrassing as kneeling down when it is obvious that they were trying to give her a hard time. I know this shows just how sacrificial she is that she is willing to do something so demeaning for her son. But I think she also needs to learn that her actions has impact on her son.

Even I will feel ashamed of my parent if I witness my parent bowing down to my classmate’s parent. And this is even worse for Joon Young who is already getting fed up and embarrassed by his mum.

Joon Young Who Keeps Breaking His Mum’s Heart

Of course, while I am annoyed with how Ji Sun Woo dealt with this issue, I am still not condoning Joon Young’s behaviour. He is seriously having very bad attitude and totally breaking his mum’s heart with his hurtful words. I really feel for Sun Woo, when she had to read the curt message from her dear son asking her to leave.

Many people have parents who are divorced and I think he needs to learn to accept it or at least block his parents’ actions if he cannot accept it, and not let himself be that seriously affected by it.

Da Kyung Who Appears Like A Knight In Shining Armour To Save The Day

Next, I would move on to the manipulative and vindictive Da Kyung. She really is very thick-skinned. She broke peoples’ family up, has no sense of shame about it and think she still has the right to care about Joon Young. Or ‘care’ is too nice a word, more of pretending to care about Joon Young.

I really hated how she purposely and secretly tried to resolve his fighting issue and timed it such that she appeared like this knight in shining armour coming to save the day to put down Sun Woo who is kneeling beside her in a bid to seek forgiveness for Joon Young.

Interestingly, the person who annoys me the least this episode is Tae Oh. Suddenly I think he is not that bad, well at least for this episode. I feel his complicated feelings towards his ex-wife whom he has now lost his hatred and only feel sympathy towards her who is feeling upset over her son. Yet he is no longer in the position to show concern over her.

On hindsight, if I were Tae Oh, i would really regret choosing Da Kyung so fervently back then. He seems like a better match with Sun Woo. And if not for his mistake, everyone would still be living happily now, and not leading the messy messy lives they are all having now.