Korean Drama Review: Catch The Ghost

I’m 8 episodes into Catch The Ghost and I am absolutely loving it so far.

I know nothing much about the male lead Kim Sun Ho and my impression of female lead Moon Geun Young remains stuck in Autumn in My Heart era and hence you can just imagine how little expectations I hold for Catch The Ghost, which all the more made me pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this drama after watching it.

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A Lighted-Hearted Fast Paced Crime Drama

Lighted-hearted and fast-paced with an underlying crime mystery background, Catch The Ghost chronicles the lives of the subway police team who patrols the subway and catches petty criminal who engages in crimes on the subway.

It sounds kind of mundane, but I assure you that it really is not. Amidst all the petty crimes that takes place each episode, there is an underlying strand of a bigger crime at stake in the background, one of the “subway ghost” who had killed many victims and dumped their bodies in the subway but has yet to be tracked down.

But the biggest draw of the drama, to me, is the chemistry and the realistic depiction of the two leads – Yoo Ryeung acted by Moon Geun Young and Ko Ji Seok acted by Kim Sun Ho.

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Endearing leads and great chemistry

Yoo Ryeung is a hot-headed impulsive newbie who just joined the Subway police team as the partner to team leader Ko Ji Seok.

She is passionate about tracking down criminals and holds no regard for rules as long as her actions can save the victims. And she really does succeed in changing the lives of many victims due to her perseverance, albeit in her clumsy way of execution.

Catch the ghost couple

In contrast, her partner Ko Ji Seok is as passive as she is impulsive. He follows the rules and protocols, and only hopes to have a work life balance where he catches petty criminals, nothing dangerous there, and can get to knock off on time.

After she joined the team, his life took a downturn where he suddenly has to chase the criminals like a maniac, as his partner does not say no to a challenge and is steadfast in following through the entire investigation with no patience for outsourcing the job to other departments.

While it was taxing to Ko Ji Seok initially, Yoo Ryeung’s passion and defence of justice also started to make him rethink about his motivation at work.

I can’t go on long enough how much I adore our really loveable leads.

And hence, I love it even more when it appears that our two flawed but loveable leads seem to be subconsciously falling for each other.

Ko Ji Seok cannot understand why he suddenly seems to get really worked up when his partner Roo Yeung requests for a new team partner and wants to part ways with him. He is reacting like how one will react when your girlfriend or boyfriend asks to cool off.

It is just really cute when I see how our 2 leads get so confused about why they mind each other’s actions so much.

I feel that characters are really fleshed out properly in Catch The Ghost, and our leads really do spend a lot of time together as partners, and hence it is believable if they were to start to see the good in each other and fall for each other.

And I am totally rooting for both of them!

Fantastic portrayal of the hot headed newbie by Moon Geun Young

Moon Geun Young is really amazing in her portrayal of this impulsive reckless police with her heart in the right place. Why do I say this? Because she kept reminding me of an impulsive but nice friend I have. I guess this says a lot about how realistic she is, in her depiction, that she reminds me of a real-life person I know.

Moon geun Young

Underneath the happy and energetic exterior, Roo Yeung actually carries with her a heavy secret in her heart. She joined the subway police because she believes her missing autistic twin sister is also a victim of the “subway ghost” but the police is not doing anything to help due to a lack of a dead body.

Another reason she will definitely go out of her way to secretly search for her sister is because she deeply blames herself for her sister’s mishap as her sister only went missing after she abandoned her in the subway after getting fed-up with her autistic tendencies.

I just find her really cute when I watch her, especially since she does look kind of chubby in her face, which adds to her cute factor.

Kim Sun Ho is charming and likeable

Strangely, I don’t find Kim Sun Ho good looking when I first saw him. However the more I look at him, the more he grows on me. heh heh.

Kim Sun Ho

His role is one of a rather ordinary working guy with his own struggles in life and at work. He used to be ambitious but decided to take a step down to transfer to the low-profile subway police team after he discovered that his mum suffers from dementia to spend more time with his mum.

He has been doing this for 2 years and he thought he was fine, until one day he breaks down and realises just how tough, lonely and tiring it has been for him.

I find Kim Sun Ho really likeable in his portrayal of this role Ko Ji Seok and hopes that he can find his meaning in life and happiness one day soon. Afterall he is a good guy, he deserves to be happy with our lead!

I guess one key reason why I like this drama so much is because I really adore our leads.

And I am watching on because I am hoping they can find their happy ending and resolve their issues.

What about you guys? Anyone watching this drama and how do you like it?