Chinese Drama Review of Love and Destiny 宸汐缘: Pales in Comparison to predecessor Eternal Love

As a romantic fantasy period drama coming from the same production house and team of romance epic Eternal Love, Love and Destiny boasts the same beautiful cinematography and a stellar cast of Nini and Chang Cheng, but unfortunately fails to deliver a heartrending love story like its predecessor.

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In short, Love and Destiny is a love story between a God of War and a young fairy Lingxi who is born with a demonic miasma that could awaken the demon god.

Naturally the celestial realm would like to kill this lady with the power to awaken the demon god and cause chaos to the peaceful world with the God of War doing all he can to prevent his lover from meeting this fate.

Nini as Lingxi : Cliche Naive and Kind Female lead – Yawns

Nini is prettier than I expected and I appreciate her clean and fresh-faced beauty.

However I don’t find her particularly likeable as a character or especially convincing as the simple-minded fairy who is supposed to be cute and loyal.

Nini is not a particularly charismatic actress to me and I feel that she did not bring out the supposedly lively, bright and impish quality of Lingxi.

Hence I can’t see what exactly is so attractive about Lingxi, who does not display that impressive qualities yet somehow manages to snag the heart of the highly eligible but stoic male lead.

Nini Love and Destiny

It doesn’t help that Lingxi is so naive that she has never once suspected anything about her demonic emblem in spite of how people around her have started behaving weirdly. The fact that so many people died for this girl and yet she still doesn’t know what is wrong with her or try to find it out makes her quite annoying in my eyes.

In fact i cant help thinking… since it is so much trouble, why don’t the god of war just go with what the majority wants and kill her to shut everyone up and restore peace.

Chang Cheng: Permanently Expressionless Lead

I have never watched Chang Cheng in a show before but given that there is quite a bit of hooha about this being his first foray to TV drama from his movie background, I expected more from him and was left disappointed.

First and foremost, his this God of War look does not suit him at all, and made him look quite unattractive, and “old uncle-ish”.

Much as I value good acting, it helps if I have a pair of good looking leads to look at.

In fact, he does not even look like those heroic protagonists, but more like those antagonists.

Chang Cheng Love and Destiny

Also, he is pretty much always expressionless.

So his role is also the typical stoic kind whereby he is icy to everyone, until he meets our kind and talkative and cute female lead who finally melted his cool exterior and got him to warm up to her.

Hence it is very hard for me to feel for the 2 main leads, cos they just do not captivate me much.

Unconvincing love story due to lack of story development and chemistry

Other than some “cute” actions and interactions between the God of War and Lingxi, i can’t quite tell how these two people fell in love with each other.

Strangely the God of War was still trying to kill Lingxi in one scene,and the next scene he tried to revive her and then promised to stay by her side forever even at the expense of giving up his role as the God of War.

Given that this is a God of War who has lots of responsibility on his shoulder, and very vehement about killing off demons, it must take an extremely special lady or a really remarkable reason to shake his conviction.

Unfortunately, the very “lame” so called love I witnessed between the 2 leads does not justify it at all.

Love and Destiny poster

I feel that I am just being “told” that the two leads were very much in love, but I cannot feel it.

Love and Destiny: Kind of uninspired storyline but still entertaining enough

In spite of the flaws above, the drama is still fast-paced and entertaining enough to keep one watching on.

If you enjoy fantasy period dramas about the celestials and demons with romance added to the mix, this drama which is essentially about good versus evil, this should pick your fancy.

However if you are a fan of Eternal Love, don’t expect it to surpass it.

I have yet to finish watching this drama, but it appears from the trailer that there is also the plot about Lingxi losing her memory and becoming a mere mortal, but still falling in love with the God of War all over again.

If so, then this is an identical plot to Eternal Love, which is way too predictable and unrefreshing.

After 20 episodes, I start to feel kind of bored, how about you?