Korean Drama Premiere Review: Angel’s Last Mission Love

A fantasy-romance with a strong narrative arc and impeccable acting from Shin Hye Sun (and this is coming from me who don’t particularly like her), Angel’s Last Mission: Love displays much promise after a great premiere watch.

Dramatic story of a promising ballerina whose life turned upside down

Angel's Last Mission

The story revolves around an ace ballerina Lee Yeon Seo (acted by Shin Hye Sun) whose world turned upside down after she turned blind from an accident during her performance where the stage lighting fell on her.

From a promising talent who had everything going for her, well she is rich too as the heiress of a ballet company,  to a blind who cannot hone her craft anymore, Yeon Seo is lonely, frustrated and angry at the world.

Shin Hye Sun really displayed the complexities of the character very well and made viewers emphathise for this spoilt arrogant rich girl who probably used this outwardly strong facade to mask the pain of being blind.

An Angel who crossed paths with the petulant ballerina

I think it is interesting that there is a fantasy element to Angel’s Last Mission: Love where we are introduced to Kim Dan (acted by L) who is a despatch angel to bless? the deceased animals and guide them back to heaven. I think only a Korean drama can pull off such angels trope without coming across as being cheesy.

Angels Last Mission

Kim Dan crossed paths with Yeon Seo and surprisingly Yeon Seo seems to be able to sense his presence, the first time for a mortal.

L is cute in his portrayal of the angel, nowhere as impressive as Shin Hye Sun, but I think he is doing a decent job in his role of a meddlesome youthful angel.

Elements of family feud and conspiracies that led to her downfall

Even in the first episode, we are already introduced to relatives who apparently benefitted from Yeon Seo’s blindness as this means they can take over the operations of the ballet company if the real heiress cannot see, also her cousin has also taken over her spot as the lead ballerina which couldn’t have happened if not for her blindness.

Apparently Yeon Seo had been requesting for a cornea transplant and several times, she was close to getting it but the transplant always get thwarted in the end due to her aunt’s intervention.

As such, viewers are left wondering if the stage accident is indeed an accident? After all the worse Yeon Seo gets, the more her aunt’s family can benefit.

And just how desperate are they to do Yeon Seo in?

In the final scenes, we see that the car that Yeon Seo and her driver is in has been tampered with and unable to brake, resulting in an accident where Yeon Seo is on the verge of falling off the road beside the sea.

As Yeon Seo mumbles for someone to save her, Kim Dan flew down to save her although he is not supposed to interfere with humans.

Shin Hye Sun and L

What will happen next?

How will their crossing of paths change their lives?

Can Yeon Seo’s life turn for the better?

The premiere of Angel’s Last Mission: Love is engaging and displays great promise. I foresee some sad ending in store, but still seems like it would be a great watch!

How do you find Angel’s Last Mission: Love?