Korean Drama Premiere Review: Confession

Not a fan of 2PM’s Junho or Yoo Jae Myung, but I have high expectations of Confession and its first episode certainly did not let me down.


I’m still not too sure what exactly is the plot about, I know it revolves something about Double Jeopardy which is a bit too complicated for me to understand haha.

Crime, legal and mystery elements

But anyway, its first episode showcased a man who was accused of murdering and mutilating the victim’s body and how the rookie lawyer Choi Do Hyun (acted by Junho) successfully overturned the case and allowed him to get away from life sentence or death penalty.

5 years later, a similar case happened and this man happened to be spotted at the crime scene again and was arrested as a suspect. Choi Do Hyun once again represented him as his lawyer. Both times the accused man was adamant that he did not kill the victim even though the police were very sure that he is the killer.

Choi So Hyun

Was he saying the truth? Or was he just a great actor who managed to get away scot-free from murder the first time round?

Will Choi Do Hyun once again emerge victorious when pitting his wits against the prosecution and the police? Until now, I am still not sure if the guy accused of murder is really the murderer.

Fast-paced and reminded me of “Voice”

The first episode was fast-paced and led viewers to see the ‘action’ and meat of the story quickly, without spending too much time on the background or introducing the various characters and hence it reeled me in immediately.

Confession actually reminded me of “Voice” as it had crime elements and I’m thinking this drama is probably suitable for viewers who enjoyed Voice and Lawless Lawyer etc.

Rating: 9/10. Definitely worth watching on.