Chinese Drama First Episode Review: Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber 2019

Jin Yong’s Wuxia novels have always been a favourite of drama remakes and Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber which started airing on 27 February 2019  is the latest addition to his Wuxia drama remakes.

Starring mostly unfamiliar newbie faces, the most prominent cast of this title is probably Kathy Chow, who used to act as Zhou Zhi Ruo in previous version, but who will be acting as Mie Jue Shi Tai this time round.

Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber

I watched this title on a whim and in its first and second episode so far, the leads have yet to appear and it is still establishing the back story and side characters.

It is the serious kind of wuxia drama with no comedy elements, hmm not of superior standard but it is decent.

Verdict: Can watch if you are the kind that enjoys wuxia drama and if you like pretty young faces (after the leads appear)

The discovery of the Dragon Saber that led to much bloodshed

In its first 2 episodes, it showed different pugilistic groups fighting over the famous Dragon Sabre which recently surfaced in the pugilistic world again. Expect lots of fighting scenes and bloodshed. The third disciple of the Wudang sect ended up being heavily injured by evildoers as the saber was robbed from his accidental possession.

Introduction of our male protagonist Zhang Wuji’s parents Zhang Cui Shan and Yin Su Su

Chaos then ensues as his junior Zhang Cuishan,from Wudang sect heads down the to find out what exactly happened and romance blossomed when he met Yin Susu, the daughter from the unorthodox Heavenly Eagle Sect.

Zhang Cui Shan
Zhang Cui Shan is acted by Li Dong Xue who acted as Guo Jun Wang in my fave drama Legend of Zhen Huan. I didn’t even recognise him!

Actually I found the ‘romance’ between these 2 very cliche and one dimensional. Basically there are chance encounters and those “you are gonna fall down and I grab hold of you and stare moonily at you” kind of scenes.

Ok, i guess perhaps these scenes really took place in the book? Never read the book so I wouldn’t know but I thought it was a bit lame.

Also, I thought the actress who acted as Yin Su Su had a bit of those “plastic surgery” face that made it a bit distracting to watch.

Yin Su Su
Yin Su Su, Zhang Wuji’s mother

Meanwhile I feel that the actor who acted as Zhang Cui Shan is a bit stiff in his acting.(Anyway just realised that the actor is Li Dong Xue who acted as Guo Jun Wang in Legend of Zhen Huan)

So anyway, episode 2 left off with Zhang Cui Shan and Yin Su Su seemingly being “kidnapped” by this Xie Xun guy who was in possession of the Dragon Saber and wanted to bring them both to a secluded island to discover the secret of this saber.

Kind of boring during the first 2 episodes, hopefully it gets better after leads appear?

Anyway I thought the first 2 episodes were not very exciting and doesn’t really reel me in.

I’m guessing it may be due to the fact that the leads have not appeared and there is still much explanation of the backstory to be done.

Hopefully it can get better after several episodes in.