Korean Drama review: The Crowned Clown – It’s Awesome!

The Crowned Clown was already good in its premiere and thankfully it not only lived up to the standard displayed during the premiere episode but got better and better throughout the drama.

Now, I think I enjoy it even more than The Last Empress

The Crowned Clown is amazing in every single aspect and I still can’t find anything I dislike about it after 8 episodes.

Reasons why The Crowned Clown is absolutely daebak

1) Stellar performance by Yeo Jin Goo who made 2 characters come alive

The Crowned Clown

Yeo Jin Goo is seriously an amazing actor who made this drama very enjoyable for me.

He displayed the righteousness, the innocence, the kindness and also the cluelessness of an uneducated albeit good-natured villager suddenly thrust upon the role of the King of the Nation.

He may not be classy or well brought up, but he certainly has a fine personality and the makings of a good King, and we see him grow into the role of a King progressively.

At the same time, he acted as the real King who is tormented by inner ghosts due to his guilt from killing his brother , and his drug addiction doesn’t help in his hallucination.

The real King has grand plans for his country but he is unfortunately burdened with jealousy and irrationality and blind-sided by disloyal ministers with selfish agenda.

2) Well developed characters and excellent casting

I love seeing Yeo Jin Goo in both roles, both of which he executed really well.


Yeo Jin Goo’s fantastic acting breathes life to these 2 roles, however credit also has to be given to the writers who wrote such well-developed characters that made it a joy to watch when someone can portray these roles so well.

Yeo Jin Goo is seriously well-casted for this role. His youth made this role even more believable as he is supposed to be a young King who is still learning the ropes.

The Crowned Clown couple

As for the Queen acted by Lee Se Young, she is gentle, dignified and loyal. She is cool when faced with an irrational and unloving King, however her icy exterior was slowly melted when she gets to know the fake King who truly cares for her.

3) Palpable chemistry between 2 main leads : A Sweet Budding Love Story

I love seeing the 2 main leads together.

When I first saw the Queen, I actually thought that she looks way older than Yeo Jin Goo. I think Lee Se Young has rather classic mature beautiful features which makes her look older.

I still feel the same way now. However the chemistry and “love” I felt as the show progresses allowed me to dismiss what I deem a mismatch in their looks.


I love the development of relationship between the King and the Queen, from initial iciness from the Queen to the King, to slowly getting to know each other, to trusting and protecting each other.

I love their small secret smiles to each other, it is just so incredibly tender. After all this is a period drama taken place in the olden times whereby words and gestures are subtle, which made their interaction all the more sweet.

4) Conflicts abound and fast-paced storyline

With a clown masquerading as a King, and so many pairs of eyes always following the King’s actions, such a plot is bound to be full of conflicts and tension.


Each episode always ends with a cliffhanger that made me eagerly wait for the next episode. I’m eager to know just how can the Clown get away with masquerading as the King forever? How will he explain to the Queen who has fallen in love with the Clown, believing him to be the real King? How can the Clown face all the political tension and knives all out aiming for his life once the secret gets out that he is a fake?

So many questions with only 8 more episodes to go. I cant wait to see how the story progresses but at the same time I am bracing myself for some possible heartbreak and a bad ending for my beloved Clown.