What I Will Miss Most About Leaving Chicago

Now that I am one month away from returning to Singapore, I am actively looking for good pastel classes in Singapore so that I can continue pursuing my hobby. BUT there are absolutely no results.


And this is what I will miss most about leaving Chicago. The ample choices for adult art classes, priced at affordable rates. Everything in Chicago is about double the price of Singapore’s, after factoring in the currency conversion. Only art classes are half the price that of Singapore!!!!

I now feel very thankful that I spent quite a lot of my time taking art classes in Chicago, each class is 3 hours long, costing less than 50 SGD. After researching on Singapore’s art classes, I realised that it can easily cost 100 SGD for a 1.5 hour class. RIDICULOUS! And thing is, the teachers charging such prices don’t seem that good either judging from their portfolio on the website. SIGH. I have a feeling that I will go back to the rat race, and lose touch with my artistic pursuits once I’m back in Singapore.