Surviving Chicago’s Brutal Winter

Winters have always held a special place in my heart, not because I grew up in a cold country, but rather because I grew up in hot and humid Singapore so winters just seemed so magical and far away from me.

My love for winter grew again after I watched korean drama Winter Sonata, which reaffirmed my belief that winters are romantic and beautiful. There is just something so peaceful about seeing white snowflakes fluttering down, caking the pavement in white.

Last year, Chicago had a supposedly mild winter ( still quite like a typical winter to me but somehow considered warm to Chicagoans) but this year it is back to its usual harshness. Which meant up to negative 18 degree celsius ( about 20 degree fahrenheit?) in December, when it is not even in the thick of winter yet!

Such temperatures are really quite shocking to me, and until now I couldn’t quite comprehend how such temperatures are supposed to feel like, and I have no such intention to experience it. I am just going to stick to indoor places or stay at home if it will be freezing that day.

Even so, I’ve been very well-prepared, channelling the inner Kiasu Singaporean in me since December.

When most Chicagoans are still wearing normal sweaters and a jacket ( just like that for about 5 degree celsius!), I had been wearing thermal layers, sweaters, boots, and down coats.

Now that temperatures had dropped to the negative, I have even started wearing two layers of pants. So warm that I even feel like perspiring in winter. LOL. This is just how prepared I am. Better safe than sorry after all!

Recently I bought a fleece neck warmer, and boy it was really a great purchase. Basically I pulled it up to cover up my face everyday, so essentially all people could see when they spot me on the streets is a dumpy-looking person all bundled up in thick clothes with just two eyes revealed. And my two eyes are even covered up by fog on my glasses, as my nose is covered by my neck warmer. HAHA. In fact, because of the stupid mist on my glasses, half the time I can’t quite see where I am going. lol.

As of now, I am fortunate enough not to feel cold, because of my multiple layers. But apparently it is still not the coldest in Chicago. I sure hope I can survive it in one piece and hopefully not gain too much weight as I am prone to taking afternoon naps after eating on a cold day haha.