Pictures of Chicago Through The Eyes of An Expat


Surprised to see a lone musician playing guitar in the bustling Maxwell Street Market.


Chicago is known for its impressive architecture and public art, but no one had ever mentioned about this sculpture between the roads near Grant Park. To me, this is truly a gorgeous piece of art. I love its beautiful form. It looks like a garden fairy emerging from the grass.


I’ve always loved winters and Chicago allows me to see winter in its full glory, from the hail, the barren trees, the light snow, to heavy snowstorms. To me, winter in Chicago is more beautiful than summer in Chicago.I love the empty quiet feeling of winters.

20160123_141812After a harsh winter, the melting of ice on the Chicago river probably brings relief to everyone walking past.


University of Chicago, the most beautiful place in Chicago in my opinion. It totally fulfilled my imagination of how an old and majestic university should look like. I love strolling around the campus, especially when it is a cool day out.


Coming from Singapore whereby it is hot all year round, I really want to experience the different seasons and Chicago allowed me to witness the changing colours through the four seasons, for the first time in my life.

Even though Singapore is known as a garden city, it is a tropical garden. It makes me think of sun, mosquitoes and sweat. But over here in Chicago, the lushness in spring makes me think of leisurely strolls, tea and blooming flowers.


Beautiful colours in spring.


The train station that I go to most frequently, simply cos it is home to Lillstreet Art Center – my favourite place in Chicago. A place where I can let my creativity flow and quietly draw and paint.


This untitled sculpture by Picasso is impressive to me not because it is by Picasso but because there are always so many kids sliding on it. This is probably not Picasso’s intention but it certainly makes public art fun.


I adore the bronze lions outside The Art Institute of Chicago. It is just so regal looking. Reminds me of Disney’s Lion King.

20160312_115313When the river turns green.

20160513_174555Street chess area, for pedestrians to stop by and play chess along the street. Not sure if this is the norm in Chicago, but it certainly is the first time I see this in my life. How creative!


An icon of Chicago and justifiably so. I just can’t help pausing in my tracks to snap pictures of The Bean every time I walk past. I probably have 100 shots of it taken in different weather. My favourite shot is one that I took recently where it just stopped raining and the sky cleared up. The Bean was reflecting the pale blue sky while the rest of buildings behind still looked grey and dull, making The Bean look like a glowing water droplet on land.


Once again, another scene of kids having fun with public art at the Crown Fountain.


A blissful day out with just sunshine and book for company.