Visiting Hotel Del Coronado

When I was making vacation plans to San Diego, all the travel sites I read recommended checking out Coronado Island as well as Hotel Del Coronado and so I went.

It turned out to be just as picture perfect as it appeared on all the travel websites even though I was just using an ordinary handphone to snap pictures.

20160320_164450 (1) I tried to recreate its beauty with watercolour and pen.


Guess it still needed a lot of work. Never realised how dull my colours were until I posted it right below the original photograph. Gosh.

Well anyway, Hotel Del Coronado is really famous cos it is one of America’s largest wooden buildings. It had also hosted several presidents and famous celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and Cary Grant before.

If it is fit for Hollywood royalty and presidents, of course I must check out what is the big deal about this beach resort that is touted as a must-go on all travel websites. When I went, I was slightly surprised at how crowded Hotel Del Coronado was! Given that it is a luxurious beach resort, I would expect it to be slightly more exclusive, but it has a very open design and there are many tourists like me, walking around snapping pictures everywhere.

There are people seated down on the grass patch having picnics, people strolling about while eating ice cream etc. It is good that everyone is having a good time, but somehow it makes it hard for me to take this luxurious resort seriously. I mean, if I am one of the hotel guest, I wouldn’t want to see so many people around.


An empty part of the resort.


The magnificent lobby.


A cute tree that resembles a broccoli from afar. This dragon tree was used as a backdrop in the Marilyn Monroe movie Some Like it Hot in 1958.