Springtime in Millennium Park and Grant Park, Chicago

Springtime is an amazing time to be in Chicago, with cool comfortable temperatures, blooming vibrant flowers and lush greenery all around.

Lucky me stays near Millennium Park and Grant Park and I have taken to taking strolls at the parks recently simply because the weather is so erratic in Chicago that I have got to make the best of it when the weather is good.

The temperature ranges from about 12 degrees celcius to 23 degrees celcius lately; there is this special vibe in the air when it is sunny and warm. It is like the city comes alive when the weather is good. I can feel a happy buzz in the air, and there were a lot more people on the streets and in the park.

In Millennium Park, there were people just sitting and chatting on the grass patch, enjoying the rare good weather.


There was even a man sleeping on the grass! That’s just how comfortable it is.


I feel good about myself too cos I finally do not have to don my ugly and really unfashionable windbreaker which always makes me look like I am on my way to a mountain trekking expedition.


The lovely greenery in the park beside The Art Institute of Chicago. There was even a wedding photoshoot going on when I walked past.

And of course, the beautiful blooming flowers that line the streets are breathtaking. I cannot resist snapping pictures of the flowers everytime I see it.


While the temperatures nowadays make me feel like spring has just sprung, but there was this Switch on Summer event at Buckingham fountain the day before which signifies that summer has started?!!

Seriously, I cannot make sense of the weather and seasons here. It is just not very logical.

Apparently the Buckingham fountain only has water running from May to October each year, so there is this whole event dedicated to switching on the fountain the day before.


The fountain in its full glory!