Drawing and Painting the Nude Figure

Today I joined an ongoing “Drawing and Painting the Nude Figure” class, after the original class I wanted got cancelled due to low enrollment.

Actually, I felt slightly intimidated when I stepped in because all the students seem to know each other already and were gathered together chit-chatting just before the class started. Plus, they are all about double my age, and seem a lot more advanced than me in terms of skills, with huge canvases and lots of paints around them. As for me, all I had were my newsprint and conte crayons haha.

Even so, I still had an enjoyable time drawing the nude model today. She is a rather pretty model who reminds me slightly of Uma Thurman.


The sketch of her body outline.


After 40 minutes.


I am starting to appreciate conte crayons. The colours are pretty nice. Adds a slightly aged vintage look to the drawings.


The result after 3 hours.

I really regret drawing so small! I can’t even draw the features properly! Of course there is still a lot of room for improvement, but for once I am quite pleased with the result. I feel relieved that the face I draw is no longer that cartoony. I think I have made quite a bit of progress since my first lesson. *pats pats*

During my previous 5 figure drawing sessions, the students don’t usually chat with one another, no one chats with the model either. But for this class, I see students chatting with the model every time there is a break. And once the 5 minute break is up, the model disrobes again and goes all nude. Somehow there is a really artistic vibe to this whole atmosphere.

One minute this person is chatting with you about a TV show, and the next moment she is all nude. Yet no one bats an eyelid, me included. Everyone is comfortable with the nudity and this makes me feel like I am in an artistic enclave in Paris haha.

Next week, I am going to start learning how to paint with pastel. Looking forward to it!