Quick Practice Sketches With Conte Crayon

As this Saturday will be my final figure drawing lesson and we are expected to finish one drawing during the 3-hour class, I really hope that I can complete a piece that won’t make me embarrassed to show to other people. Therefore I have been slightly more disciplined this week and have taken to doing a few practice sketches at home when I am free.


This is a quick sketch of my lovely hand. I have to say, my hand is really quite beautiful!I shall try to do a more formal piece of my hand soon!


And this, is my lovely foot.


A quick sketch of my husband’s back view while he was doing his homework.

Of course, all these sketches are not WOW, neither are they really 100% accurate. But given that I drew them quite quickly, I was quite pleased with the results.

Seriously, if I major in fine art and this is what I have to do everyday for class, I will be very happy. Unfortunately it costs a bomb to study fine art in Singapore and I am not sure what exactly I can do after it. Because although I do like art, but I am also self-aware enough to know that I do not have enough talent to so-called make it big one day.

One good thing about my sabbatical in Chicago is that I now have a lot more time to explore my interests. And hopefully, the more I explore, the better idea I will have of my future career path.