Spring in Chicago

I still remember Chicago being snowy and wintry one month ago, but spring has silently crept on us.  I spotted many flowers in full bloom when I went out recently. I don’t know why but somehow the colors of the flowers here are really rich and vibrant. Actually I wonder if these flowers were transplanted from some nursery? Cos I really don’t remember seeing them previously, and suddenly these flowers are everywhere and all in full bloom!


The very pretty yellowish white trees commonly seen in Chicago. I believe they are called semen trees.


No idea what these flowers are called. But the color is so bright and cheery. Spotted many people stopping over to snap pictures. And these are just flowers along the street!


Pinkish trees that reminds me of sakura. Actually are they cherry blossoms?! No idea, but they are pretty! Makes for a nice backdrop when snapping pictures.


Again, just some random flowers lining the streets and they look so beautiful!

One thing about the weather condition in the U.S is that it seems really suitable for growing pretty flowers. Over here, daffodils and tulips are everywhere. You don’t even have to specially make a trip to a national park or the botanic garden to see it. While I really like Singapore’s ample trees that provide a nice shade from all the sun,  vibrant flowers are just so much more impressive and mesmerizing. In fact, now come to think of it, I don’t really remember seeing flowers in Singapore, except for bougainvilleas and hibiscus, and frankly speaking, the colors of such flowers are not very chic. They are just not the types of flowers that will make anyone go WOW.