Figure drawing with Nude Model

Well, I’ve always wondered how it feels like to be drawing a nude model and I’ve finally experienced it!

Had my very first figure drawing class recently and somehow I missed the part where it was stated that there will be live models each week.

The moment I stepped into the class, I noticed a woman using a laptop at the back of the room and I thought she was probably the teaching assistant or some administrative staff. Who would have thought that a short few minutes later she will just disrobe in front of everyone and get stark naked?!


I have to say though I felt slightly surprised and even kind of want to laugh for some reason, the class was very professional and before long I wasn’t noticing her nudeness either.

I really like the feeling of the class: everyone is simply concentrating on the process of drawing with little chatter. The teacher also demonstrated and taught us the basics before we start drawing. I also like that the teacher is a man of few words. I prefer less friendly people generally.


Well, I have to say that it is actually not that easy being a nude model cos you really cannot be self-conscious about the fact that so many people are staring at your naked self, at you when you are at your most vulnerable, and these people staring at you are staring very very intently.

And you can’t move during the whole process either, restless people would probably feel like fidgeting in the model’s shoes.

But, a part of me still couldn’t help wondering: what if there are perverted guys in the class,masquerading as artists?hmm….