Van Gogh’s Bedrooms Exhibition in Chicago

Though I have signed up to be a member of the Art Institute of Chicago, I have to say that none of the exhibitions or lectures had really interested me. I only signed up as a member to make use of the member discount for the graphic design class in SAIC.

The only exhibition that caught my interest is “Van Gogh’s bedrooms” which  started last week. Well, I’m not familiar with Van Gogh’s works either but he is one of the few artists that I have heard of and this exhibition is really hyped up
So of cos I must make use of my free member entry to attend!


Fortunately,and slightly unexpectedly, the exhibition was quite interesting and easy to understand even for a layman like me.

It basically revolves around his life,his quest for a home and the importance of this bedroom to him.


Though I still couldn’t quite tell what is special or especially good about his art works, I was quite enthralled by his personal story.

I was especially interested in his relationship with Gauguin. From his fervent letters to Gauguin to invite him to his “Yellow House”, his desire for a home, he seems to me like a pretty needy yet intense person.

I was told during the member’s lecture that the Yellow House is designed in such a way that Gauguin definitely had to pass by Van Gogh’s bedroom everytime he leaves or enters his own bedroom. How stifling! They were also many theories about their relationship, of how Van Gogh turned crazy cos of him.

After the exhibition, i find myself researching on Van Gogh’s life online. I guess this probably means that the exhibition is a success, as it succeeded in catching my attention, intriguing me enough to make me want to learn more about this artist during my own free time.