Reading and Writing

I have always enjoyed reading and there is nothing I like more than curling up in bed with an addictive book, unable to stop even when my eyelids are getting heavy.

So I presume that I should be a good reader. I might not be a good writer, but at the very least I should have the ability to distinguish between good and bad writing. But now it seems that I am not a good reader either.

I am currently enrolled in a creative non-fiction writing class, and I have chunks of essays to read every week. All these essays are naturally highly recommended by my teacher cos they are supposed to be good writing, but most unfortunately, I just keep wanting to doze off everytime I start on one.

Every Monday, I will try to keep up with my readings, and I dedicate a few hours to it. A few hours because I simply cannot bring myself to finish reading them at one go. Usually I have to stop after two pages(cos it is really quite boring), and then I will speed read through the rest of the article. The readings are usually really long, mostly with convoluted sentences, and of a serious or rather complex topic. Half of the time when I’m reading, I am thinking ” The writer seriously thinks too much”. In fact I sometimes even feel that the writers try too hard to bring in a fresh perspective, or over complicate stuff in an attempt to make it sound profound.

Every week when we are in class analyzing the essays, my classmates have loads to say. And everyone seems to think that the articles were really well-written. I asked my husband to read it as well in a bid to get an honest opinion on a piece of writing which I found really boring, and he told me it was interesting. So I guess the problem really lies with me.

Though frankly speaking, I don’t quite understand why there is a need to seriously analyze essays and try to decipher what point the writer is trying to make. Shouldn’t the writer aim for clear writing in the first place? So that readers can get the point immediately?

I guess I am just not suited for profound or so called good writing. I shall continue with my favourite chick lit. At least they never ever fail to entertain me.