Life in Chicago

After nearly two months in Chicago, I finally decide to start a blog to chronicle my life here.

Strangely enough, though I have been waking up really late every morning and basically nua-ing everyday, I still feel quite “busy”. My typical day goes like this:

  • Wake up at 10 am, try to cook a simple brunch, usually instant noodles with veg and egg and some instant dumplings thrown in.
  • Watch videos while eating, it would have been noon by the time I’m done.
  • Do some laundry if I’m feeling industrious, if not I shall continue with my videos.
  • Start doing some readings for my continuing education classes or my Asian Cinema volunteer work at home .
  • Go out for some quick window shopping if I am really bored.
  • By that time it should have been evening, meaning it is time to cook dinner.
  • After dinner, night time falls and it is time for more TV watching with husband.

I’m really glad that I have signed up for two classes and found a volunteer job. It keeps me moderately occupied, allows me to explore my interests and makes my days more enriching.

I am currently taking ” Intro to Creative Non-fiction” in University of Chicago and it is a surprisingly stimulating class. I feel slightly nervous cos I am pitting myself against my American classmates but it is precisely this that keeps me on my toes and makes me feel challenged. This class is also really suitable for me as I have been used to the usual standard reporting methods and am sick of such uncreative albeit easier-to-write reports.

My first love has always been fiction and I have always wanted to take a creative writing class but I forever have this self-defeatist attitude. Even before trying, I would put myself down and tell myself that I am simply not creative enough or that my English could not compare to those Ang Moh pai classmates. But well, it is time to overcome all my self-imposed barriers here. I am approaching 30 and it is really quite ridiculous to still feel so scared about everything and how others perceive me.

After one week of classes, I feel quite empowered. Empowered not cos I am the star student but cos I also overcame my issue of speaking up in class and it is quite liberating.

May I continue to improve with each passing day.