Korean Drama The Last Empress: Rooting For Jang Nara (Sunny Oh) and Shin Sung Rok (Lee Hyuk)

In a surprising turn of events, I am now finding the supposedly evil Emperor Lee Hyuk ( acted by Shin Sung Rok) in The Last Empress very cute and endearing.

Not Feeling The Love between Sunny Oh (Jang Nara) and Na Wang Shik (Choi Jin Hyuk)

We all know that the love line in The Last Empress is meant for Sunny Oh (Jang Nara) and Na Wang Shik (Choi Jin Hyuk), after all he was her knight in shining armour who had been secretly protecting her and they are supposed to fall for each other along the way, but I am just not feeling it.

Firstly, I think the role of Na Wang Shik or Chun as acted by Choi Jin Hyuk is such a boring boring one. Stoic and brooding. Yawns. Secretly smiling when around Sunny Oh. Yawns. I don’t know but I just think it is such an one-dimensional character, especially when compared to the juicy role of Lee Hyuk, who has sooo many shades of grey in his personality.

na wang shik and sunny oh

Also, even though Na Wang Shik has been secretly protecting her throughout, he has also always been sorta using Sunny Oh has a tool for revenge. And I personally don’t see that much interaction or chemistry between Sunny Oh and Na Wang Shik to actually believe that they will fall for each other, or explain their secret smiles around each other. They probably can become firm friends united in their grief and anger against the Imperial family who did them wrong, but that’s about it. I just can’t find myself rooting for them both to fall in love.

Lee Hyuk (Shin Sung Rok) + Sunny Oh (Jang Nara) : More Interesting Pairing

Contrary to how Lee Hyuk originally viewed Sunny Oh with distaste, he is now finding her kindness and naivety growing on him, slowly but surely falling for her.

As a result, our self-centred selfish cold-blooded Emperor is suddenly showing a soft and adorable side, a cute side that eagerly wants to pander to Sunny Oh and make her happy in spite of having his advances all rejected by Sunny Oh. Which is a joy to watch, and certainly more interesting than seeing Na Wang Shik and Sunny Oh acting shy around each other.

shin sung rok

I will actually like to see the Emperor transform into a better person because of his love for Sunny Oh, and win back his wife’s heart.

Will there be a possibility of Sunny Oh accepting the Emperor back?

Given that the Emperor was Sunny Oh’s idol and first crush, of course she loved a false image of him, but I am wondering if there could be a small small chance of her loving him back upon seeing his transformation and redemption?

I know that his mistakes are too huge to ignore, killing people, and using the blood meant for Sunny’s mum – in short exchanging her mum’s life for his life can never be forgiven, but I still can’t help wishing.

I think it will make for a more bittersweet ending if in the end our Emperor turned good and regrets his mistakes, and Sunny Oh accepts him for who he is, but he still has to pay for his mistakes with his death or something.

What do you guys think?

Who are you hoping Sunny Oh can end up with? Lee Hyuk or Na Wang Shik?