Korean Drama The Last Empress Ep 13 – 16 Review: A Rollercoaster Ride with Surprising Twists

The plot thickens in the latest Episode 13 to 16 with surprising revelations of characters’ backstories, dramatic emotional upheavels and a murder of one of the most likeable characters. *sobs*

*Spoilers ahead

Sunny Oh’s Emotional Upheavel upon realising The Emperor’s Betrayal

The naive and devoted Sunny Oh finally saw the Emperor in his true colours after witnessing him kissing Min Yura kissing with her own eyes.

the last empress betrayal

Kudos to Jang Nara for emoting the feelings of Sunny Oh so well. From the initial anguish and disbelief, to resigned acceptance and finally anger.

I was initially a bit surprised that Jang Nara went back to acting such a one-dimensional albeit cute character which she could act with her eyes closed. But after I saw the transformation Sunny Oh underwent, I can now understand why she took up this role. In fact it is a great role that offers opportunity for Jang Nara to flesh her acting chops.

sad sunny oh
Poor Sunny Oh has lots to take in in Ep 13-16 of The Last Empress.

Sunny Oh is such an endearing character. She really tugged at my heartstrings when I saw her sobbing in the face of the Emperor’s lies.

And I was rooting for her when she was trying so hard to be brave in her standoff with the evil witch Min Yura in the face of antagonisation and humiliation.

I am so looking forward to seeing more of Sunny Oh’s transformation as she goes down the route of taking revenge.

Na Wang Shik (Choi Jin Hyuk) is not on Sunny Oh’s (Jang Nara) side afterall?

Poor Sunny Oh naively thought that Na Wang Shik was on her side (so did I!) And went along with him to uncover the Emperor’s tryst only to be led to a trap set for her, with reporters swarming in to take pics of Sunny Oh’s hotel date with Na Wang Shik.

Sunny Oh and Na Wang Shik
Na Wang Shik cornered Sunny Oh and later pushed her into the waters.

And then in an unexpected turn of event, she was pushed down by Na Wang Shik into a river.

Of course Na Wang Shik has greater plans in store for his revenge against the Emperor and is simply bidding his time by gaining the Emperor’s trust first.

I am glad to know that our brooding male lead has so many tricks up his sleeves and is a formidable enough opponent against the Emperor. I can’t wait to see him serve his revenge cold and witness punishment meted out to the Emperor and Min Yura eventually.

More Skeletons In The Closet for the Imperial Family – the suspicious death of the first Empress

In the latest episodes, there was finally more light shed regarding the first Empress’ death.

Sounded like the Emperor and the Empress Dowager drowned the first Empress but covered it up with a lie that she died of heart attack.

It was also revealed that the old man who saved Na Wang Shik was in fact the first Empress’ dad.

There are so many cover ups in the Imperial Family and it seems like everyone has an evil side with secrets to hide. Now the wronged Sunny Oh is determined to uncover all their secrets for the public to witness their downfall.

Can’t wait to see how the story unfolds.

Good versus Evil – Who will triumph in the end?

The key essence of The Last Empress is the theme of good versus evil. Viewers are kept on the edge of their seats with scenes of the evil triumphing over the good for now.

But we all know that the villainous imperial family will get their just desserts one day and this is what all of us are waiting for.

I admit that The Last Empress is really makjang with some over-the-top storylines and its plot can be reminiscent of those Taiwan Soap dramas.

The baddies are also quite one-dimensional. I now feel that Min Yura is pretty much just a pretty and smart vixen and the Emperor is simply unhinged. (I kind of feel sorry for Shin Sung Rok actually cos he is always casted in the same characters! Which is really not good for an actor’s growth and potential.)

elijah lee
Elijah Lee is eye-catching in her standout villainous role as Min Yura.

However it is just soooo good and addictive. Totally worth a watch for anyone who hasn’t watch yet.

To those as addicted as I am,how are you finding the drama? How do you think the story will unfold?