Korean Drama The Last Empress Ep 6: Na Wang Shik transforms into Choi Jin Hyuk?!

HAHAHA. I literally burst out laughing when I saw that the chubby and reckless character Na Wang Shik became Choi Jin Hyuk after doing a bit of exercise.


To readers who have been following The Last Empress, you definitely know why I am laughing. So this role Na Wang Shik is a fat, bulky character who is always fighting with others, and winning others in fights due to his bulky and strong frame.

His mum died a wrongful death in a hit-and-run accident by the Emperor and he is now being hunted by the Emperor’s underlings to silence him for being a witness.

In order to get revenge for his mum, he decided to become a palace guard and started on a strict diet and exercise regime.

We see him transitioning, and this transition was portrayed with him cutting his hair in front of the mirror, and then the next scene shows Choi Jin Hyuk looking back at him.

Na Wang Shik
Na Wang Shik before his diet and exercise.

OK, I get it. I get it that Na Wang Sik will definitely slim down after a strict exercise regime. I was expecting maybe some cushions to be taken underneath his clothes or something, to showcase his leaner frame.

BUT I was completely not expecting a different face.

Na Wang Shik Choi Ji Hyuk
Choi Jin Hyuk acting as Na Wang Shik after his exercise regime. Not trying to be mean but maybe the drama has yet to show scenes of him doing some sort of plastic surgery?

You don’t get to transform your face into Choi Jin Hyuk just after a bit of exercise man!

However gotta say that Choi Jin Hyuk is really looking very manly in this drama.